Star Ranking of French Campsites

As camping is one popular activity in France that is why there are also its categories so that you can have an idea what to expect in the camping site that you like to go to. The common services you can find in the camping sites are toilets, washing area, and showers. Except in wilderness camping or spending the night beside the road. There is also the farm camping. Aside from those basic amenities provided, you can now know that there are differences of each camping sites.

Let us see the different ranking of the camping sites. There is the one star that has about 1500 campsites. They have a washing area, cold water for shower cabins (there can be hot), sinks for washing dishes, and the pitches that are about 90m². There are also the two-star campsites that have about 4000 campsites and they have the same amenities as the one star but they can also have some for the small electrical equipment.

The three-star campsites can have about 2000 campsites and man are large as compared to the two-star who has the double number of campsites that are smaller. The additional services you can expect in the three-star is that there is a warden you can ask help from. They also have areas where children can play and they also can provide safe-keeping for your valuables. There are areas where flower blooms and also the vegetation in places between the pitches. Four-star campsites have more to offer as a game room in the site.